In a world where pollution, noise, crowds, unhealthy diets and stress are the norm; MesaStila (previously known as Losari Spa Retreat and Coffee Plantation) offers an accommodation to  escape from the demanding daily grind. We believe that whatever form it takes, to care for your wellbeing now means a more vibrant life, greater energy and an all round better you.

The essence of the retreat is defined through the calming and powerful environment in which MesaStila (previously known as Losari Spa Retreat and Coffee Plantation) sits - encircled by eight magnificent volcanoes and set within fifty-five acres of gardens, plantation and tropical jungle.

MesaStila offers a distinct Javanese flavor in activities and programs that include local Javanese dining; focused exercise; planned relaxation; stress management; cultural and educational programs; limitations on smoking; moderation in alcohol consumption and a variety activities and attractions in Central Java.



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What's On
  • 01 Sep 2015 - 20 Dec 2015

    Mesastila Business Getaway

    An extra-ordinary venue for company meetings, training, team-building or outdoor activities.   
    Surrounded by cooling highland-air, eight mountains, tropical gardens, and lush vegetation; complete with
    an array of activities, MesaStila is the perfect place for your business getaway…


    *Terms & Conditions Apply

  • 23 Dec 2015 - 02 Jan 2016

    Festive Holidays at MesaStila

    Get away from the demanding daily grind and discover a variety of exceptional inhouse designed activities while celebrating your Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a peaceful sanctuary of MesaStila