1. One Day Power Cleanse
This one day Power Cleanse has been especially created for MesaStila by a wellness specialist. The program offers MesaStila guests a short break from the sometimes harsh modern-world environment of high stress, poor diet and physical inactivity.

2. Tabib - Jamu Healing
Jamu refers to the traditional herbal remedies that are presented in the form of powder, capsules and herbal beverages. Jamu is offered in its most effective form after being specifically created by a traditional healer or Tabib.

3. Rice Farming
With local rice farmers -in the nearby Mesastila ricefields. Spend some time in the rice fields, working to process the seedlings, cultivate the land, plant the rice or help maintain the rice paddies.

4. Jungle Trek Mt.Telomoyo
Village roads, hidden pathways and jungle trails, where the vegetation changes as the air grows cooler and you climb up as high as 1800m and the summit of Mt.Telomoyo. Small villages punctuate the vista – each their own little world.