heritage Dining

A new menu by Executive Chef Arya Kusumaatmaja and his team at MesaStila offering a range of tastes and innovative flair.  Using traditional flavors, combined with a wide range of locally grown, organic and sustainably derived produce.   In addition, a sense of the real Java was inspired by the whole kitchen team as they were encouraged to find recipes that were famous in their local village; the recipes were adapted to retain their character and flavour.

Dishes incorporate wholesome-healthy cooking techniques, such as steamed scrambled-eggs, baked snapper, and Indonesian prawn crackers (kurupuk udang) cooked in heated volcanic sand!

This cuisine expertise that has been developed under the Corporate Executive Chef for Mesa Hotels & Resorts, Darren Lauder - an award-winning chef.

Guests at MesaStila will find a wholesome, unique and delicious MesaStila dining experience.