Breakfast buffet

Fresh juices (tangerine, guava, pineapple)

Jamu – Javanese herbal drinks

Homemade muesli with organic dried fruits

Buckwheat pancakes with confit of wild berries

Poached egg , sauteed spinach on whole meal bread 

Mid morning snack

Fruit blast ( banana , kiwi & papaya )

Nuts and Dried Fruits

Lunch buffet

Green bean salad with spicy shallot , lime leaf and ginger dressing

Whole meal pita bread with beetroot and hummus dip

Sauteed bok choy with smoked salmon lemongrass

Baked snapper in banana leaf scented with galangal root , lemongrass and lime leaf

Apple and walnut crumble

Low fat mango cheesecake

Afternoon snack

Mango , papaya , coconut, and mint smoothie

Sliced pineapple, melon and kiwi

Warm spinach and ricotta muffin


Baked kangkong rolls

Warm mushroom salad, wilted watercress , roasted walnut and balsamic dressing

Pepper water soup , very light curry soup finished with apple chutney and brown rice


Losari nasi goring brown rice , bamboo lobster , and roasted cashew